finally, the first trailer for GTA 6 was released and the video game world shook! For my part, I didn’t vibrate more than that, and I even have the impression that the franchise is becoming its own caricature.

In short, a story much more poignant than that of GTA 5, where the three main characters – Franklin, Micheal and Trevor – are only attracted to one thing: wheat (and not the one that grows in nature). And let us be clear, I had a very good time with this fifth part. I remember, for example, an improbable mission where Michael, wound up like jaja, destroyed the house of a tennis teacher by attaching a winch to the pillar of his terrace. This ambient mess clearly has charm, but for me, it has its limits. This is where the GTA 6 trailer comes into play.

Because this preview of the sixth opus immediately reminded us of the tone of Grand Theft Auto 5. Same color palette, same American city that looks like a big nonsense (especially through the “social media” montage). In short, the same spirit but “worse”, with this hypersexualization of women based on twerks galore which frankly made me uncomfortable. Certainly, Rockstar wants to exaggerate the features of a decadent America, where excess and self-worship are kings… But, that might have deserved a little more restraint, especially in this day and age of ultra-realistic graphics. That put me off a bit.

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