Pohmotte Pokémon Scarlet & Purple: How to evolve it into Pohmotte?

Pohmotte Pokémon Scarlet & Purple : Who says new generation, also says new methods of evolution! In Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, a new feature allows you to evolve certain 9G Pokémon. Without further ado, find out how to evolve Pohmotte into Pohmmotte.
In Pokémon Scarlet / Purple, you have just moved to the Paldea region and you are about to join the Orange or Grape Academy depending on your version to take part in an amazing extracurricular project: the Treasure Hunt. This trial involves traveling around Paldea in search of a treasure of your own definition, and the three main quests are there to guide you, namely The Path of the Master, A Scent of Legend, and Objective Stardust. But if, like many, your treasure takes the form of a completely filled Pokédex, you will undoubtedly need some advice to catch them all!

As usual, this new installment of the Pokémon license brings with it a new generation of Pokémon to collect, and although you will be able to encounter most during your journey, some will require a little effort on your part to find. get. We are of course talking about Pokémon whose evolution methods differ from the norm. Historically, you only need to raise Pokémon to a certain level to evolve them, but some species require a little more attention, such as particular items or a certain friendship level. This is also the case of Pohmarmotte, the evolution of Pohmotte, the Mouse Pokémon of the ninth generation, which introduces a new method of evolution in the Pokémon license

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