Granblue Fantasy Relink!! The action role-playing genius that no one saw coming?

Granblue Fantasy Relink

On January 12, we rushed to discover the demo on PlayStation consoles. After a few hours spent on it, we were able to identify its potential, but not without expressing many reservations. So, is Granblue Fantasy Relink the clever mix between Tales of, for the solo aspect, and Genshin Impact / Monster Hunter, for the multiplayer, that we were hoping for so much? Come on, it’s time to embark alongside Gran/Syta and her crew to explore a brand new celestial continent, that of Zegagrande.

Granblue Fantasy: the immensity of the sky coupled with a fantastic dimension. There are titles whose simple name is enough to awaken our thirst for adventure. In our countries, the license does not have the influence of a Final Fantasy, a Persona or even a Tales of. However, after a success on mobile media having exceeded one billion in revenue, it is increasing its efforts to establish itself in the West. After two attempts in the field of fighting games, as well as an anime in twenty-four episodes and a manga of eight volumes, Granblue Fantasy takes off with a major title since it is both a real introduction to the world of licensing and a bet for its future in the West. histoire des jeux vidéo sans fin !! votre fenêtre au monde des jeux vidéo au Maroc.

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