GTA 6 has launched its communication, but we are still waiting for major information

GTA 6 has launched its communication

Last December, Rockstar Games sent video game players into turmoil by announcing that their next hit, Grand Theft Auto 6, would indeed be released in 2025. However, the New York studio is somewhat stingy when it comes to communication , so much so that you even have to go fishing for information. Recently, a new track on the launch window would have been made!

GTA 6 has launched its communication, but we are still waiting for major information

This year, when it comes to video games, there is no risk of running out of (very) hot topics in the news. Between the releases which follow one another at a breakneck pace, the upheavals within the industry, such as the numerous layoffs, and the announcements and other revelations, there is plenty to do. In all of this, a very specific subject came to add its two cents, and we are obviously referring to Grand Theft Auto VI. Although Rockstar Games’ next hit is expected in 2025, the current year will also be very important, especially in terms of communication.Certainly, the New York development studio will not need to make a huge effort to generate general enthusiasm among players, but above all it will need to demonstrate clarity. This is all the more important given the countless number of rumors that are likely to spread on social networks in the months to come. Beyond what the game will contain, there is one piece of information that will be debated for a long time, and that is none other than the release date of Grand Theft Auto 6. For the moment, there is nothing concrete …except perhaps a message from the developers which shows us a path to follow!

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