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Computex 2024 Round-up: Flagship AI Gaming Desktop & Monitor, Best Choice Award Honorees

Downsize your footprint, not productivity with the eco-conscious Cubi NUC Series, which won Sustainable Tech Special Award & Red Dot Award in 2024🏆

💚 Made with PCR recycled plastics

💚 FSC certified & recycled packaging

💚 92% renewable energy manufacturing

💚 MSI Power Meter for energy optimization

💚MSI Power Link

💚 Intel vPRO support

Next-Gen Flagship AI Gaming Desktops
Although performance is a critical aspect of PCs, personalization and customization elevate your gaming experience to the next level.

We set out to design our next-gen AI Gaming Desktops by embracing this philosophy. They blend top-tier performance, local AI capabilities, customization, and innovative features for a premium gaming experience.

MEG Vision X AI: World’s First AI HMI (Human Machine Interface)
An AI-powered intuitive user experience coupled with the most powerful hardware on shelves offers a peek into the next generation of computing. Say hello to the MEG VISION X AI Gaming Desktop! It stays loyal to its elite MEG tag by blending advanced features and top-tier performance into one mean gaming machine.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the MEG VISION X AI at our 2024 Computex Suite is the AI HMI – a sprawling touch screen. In addition to displaying temperatures, clock speeds, and other system info, the screen integrates with MSI AI Engine, which detects active applications and automatically optimizes performance, lighting effects, audio settings, color settings, and the AI HMI’s wallpaper for an immersive user experience.

While this desktop does come equipped with the class of hardware needed to run demanding AI workloads, we take it a step further with AI Artist x MSI chat. It can generate images with twice the resolution compared to those created by its predecessor! Moreover, it can search documents within your local folders, analyze, summarize, and respond to you based on the data in your files. The best part? It’s all completely local to ensure complete privacy and security!

The MEG VISION X AI Gaming Desktop also adopts MSI’s back-connect design by moving all connectors to the back for a stunning PC build. In addition to facilitating a gorgeous interior, the back-connect design reduces cable-induced turbulence, which enhances airflow and the desktop’s overall thermal efficiency.


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