Forgetting your Apple Vision Pro password is very expensive!

Forgetting your Apple Vision Pro

In addition to the criticisms of the prices of the new Vision Pro, it is difficult to miss that of the adapter necessary to unlock a headset with a forgotten password. Fortunately, Apple has a solution, but it is not without consequences…

The only Apple product you can’t reset yourself

Apple is known for offering unique products, but which often come with a few details that make those who don’t like the brand cringe, such as the price to pay to increase the storage on a Mac, or the functions exclusive to those who are well anchored in the Apple ecosystem. But there is one thing that has always been the same on all of the brand’s products: it is possible to reset them yourself.

A problem ? A product with a big bug? Forgot your password ? No worries, there is always a way to recover your data, or, in the worst case, reset your device. As you might expect, I’m here to tell you about the exception that proves the rule: the Vision Pro. It’s truly a unique product, the public is asking a lot of questions, and for good reason: it works very differently from other Apple products, starting with the way you manage a forgotten password.

Indeed, among those who used the mixed reality headset for a few days, some noticed something intriguing, to their detriment. In the event of a forgotten password, it is impossible to initiate a procedure yourself. But then, how can I continue to use it? Is it dead for your product? Not really, but you might not like what happens next.

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