Go to an Apple store and say goodbye to your data!!!

Go to an Apple store and say goodbye to your data

Apple is very particular about privacy, and would like to protect yours at the risk of its life. Thus, the information present in your Vision Pro headset is only accessible by you, and while it has only just been released, there is no method to get out of a situation of forgetting your password yourself- same: you absolutely have to go to the Apple store.

How are they going to help you, when there isn’t really a port to plug the device into anything else? On site, the staff takes care of you, takes the headset and attaches an amazing adapter. Replacing the right strap of the headset, and has a female USB-C port to connect a Mac. From there, Apple can delete all data from the device and reset it for you. histoire des jeux vidéo sans fin !! votre fenêtre au monde des jeux vidéo au Maroc.

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